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If you'd like to get in contact, here you can find the necessary information.
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67227 Frankenthal
Rathausplatz 10
Tel. 06233/20830
Fax. 06233/21916
68623 Lampertheim
Emilienstraße 14
Tel. 06206/910764
Fax 06206/910765

Before you visit one of our offices, you can inform yourself here about how we can help you, when we can make an appointment and what costs you should expect.
You can check if your defence insurance takes the costs and you can find out if the state will grant you consulting or legal aid.
Simply fill in the following form. Send it through e-mail or print it out and fax it or put it in an envelope and put it in the mail. In no case you're pledged to anything.

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